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Here's an excerpt from an upcoming issue...

"...Cell tower property owners have a special perspective on life. While driving down the highway, the average guy probably looks at a large cell tower tree, known as a tree pole , monopole tree, upside-down green toilet-bowl cleaner, and even referred to as a "Stealth Site". Stealth Site?  Stealth of course referring to the fact that these sites are difficult to detect.

Yeah... Stealth Site. I bet they don't remember the other 10 cell sites that they passed along the way, but they always notice that Stealth Site...

Good thing nobody on the zoning board noticed that the "hidden" stealth cell tower tree pole was actually 60 feet taller than every other tree on our lot. Well, laugh all you want. When we drive by one of these our kids yell, look daddy, it's a "Money Tree".

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