cell tower lease question Philippines

by maricris abrogar

My question is my cell tower lease agreement will expire on May 9 here in the Philippines i had not contacted them as of this writing they send me letter for renewal telling because of economic set back they lowering a lower rent since the telecom company renting in my property merged already to another telecommunication with a tower just more or less 1000 meters from my cell tower site is it possible for them to dismantle the site on my property if we did not agree with the proposed rent i wanted ..... this is my first renewal after 10 years of lease....

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Apr 26, 2018
building for cell site set up
by: Anonymous

hi! I just want to ask. Did you send them an email or do you have a number and contact person that we can get in touch with to have a cell site set up on our property?

Thank you!

Editor's Note: We do not conduct business outside of North America, and have no contacts in your country.

Mar 20, 2018
How were you able ro contact smart/globe
by: Mark Solis


Wanted to ask how to get these mobile phone companies to setup cell tower in your property? We have a property in province and the signal is bad and im wondering if we could get them aetup one?


Sep 28, 2014
Cell Site Lease Renewal - Philippines
by: Enteng

WE just renewed the lease of Cell Site recently in the Philippines and our property is located in the province of Nueva Vizcaya. The rental P10,000 a month with 4% escalation rate on the 5th year. The lease started in 2004 and expired this year. As early as January we sent a letter (email) to Smart if they are interested for the renewal. No response until March. They send us a letter informing us that the rental is now P12,000 with a lower escalation rate of 3%. I send them a letter telling them that the lease is not acceptable and offered a lease of P25,000 with as escalation rate of 10% a year beginning on the 5th month. They were alarmed with my offer and started negotiating with me. After some exchange of emails and offering counter proposals, we finally agreed to a monthly rental of P15,000 a month with an escalation rate of 3.5% beginning on the 3rd year. It is not the best deal but this a 50% increase from the previous rental of P10,000 a month. Property owners for leasing should justify such as increase such as the performance of the company, do a research of their growth for the past ten years and how you contributed to that growth. Talk about inflation and the the increasing rental of properties in the Philippines, the increasing cost of doing business. Ask them to treat you as partners in their growth. These lease negotiators will definitely hit you low on their offers, you have to hit high. It would be nice if Tower Genius has offices in the Philippines to negotiate for us but in their absence, do a research and learn how to negotiate.

Mar 01, 2014
same question
by: Anonymous

Hello maricris, i too from the phillippines. i have the same problem as yours. My cell tower lease agreement was already expired late Feb. 28, 2014. And also they haven't paid me the last semi annual rent. We hope we can get some advices on what to do? thank you.

Feb 26, 2013
Who is the company?
by: Tower Genius

Are Blackdot or Md7 doing business in the Pacific Rim?

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