Oops, I forgot to ask the Million Dollar Question!!

I didn't think I'd be sending out Volume #2 so soon. But here I am 30 minutes later...

Greetings and welcome back to the Cell Tower Insider Newsletter. I was so excited about getting through with Volume #1 that I never answered the question that I posed.

You're wanting to know, what is the "Million Dollar Question?"

Well, it's simple.

Will you be there the same time that the Cellular Carrier's Real Estate Acquisition consultant knocks on your door?

Or will they go next door?

As a former wireless site acquisition consultant for three major cellular providers, this happens all the time.

I can tell you firsthand that there are many sites that I really liked that didn't get leased. I went to an alternate site where I had a landlord who I could get in touch with and who was ready to move forward.

Cell Site Acquisition contractors get paid for bringing in a lease to the Wireless Carrier, so they will go with the fastest route from Point-A to Point-B.

It's simple. All of these consultants have a limited amount of time to present sites to the carriers.

Even if you get back to them a few days later, often times the deal is already in motion and you missed out -- big time.

AirWave Telecom Property Management makes sure that this doesn't happen with your site if you partner with us.

To find out more, please use the Contact Form on our website.

Thanks again for subscribing, and tell your friends who own properties who may be interested in having a cell tower built on their property or have cellular antennas mounted on their rooftops.

All the best,

Steve Kazella, Publisher The Cell Tower Insider


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