We Offer Leasing and Management Solutions For Municipal Cell Towers and Governmental Agency Cell Sites.

Properly developed and managed Municipal Cell Towers can greatly benefit your town, city or agency in many ways. Tower Genius specializes in assisting municipalities, cities, public housing authorities, public utilities and other governmental agencies with complex cell tower leasing, cell site development, cell site auditing and management functions. While ancillary cell tower revenue can be a significant income source for your organization, most agencies and municipalities simply do not have the resources or manpower to properly oversee this function.

Our professional wireless services can significantly help your Municipality attract corporate investment by having a world-class wireless network, improve the quality of life of your residents through enhanced E/911 service, and provide a steady source of revenue for decades.

By creating a win-win method of cell site leasing, site management and site development, our Municipal Partners have been able to generate substantial revenue from the leasing portion of our program without overburdening their in-house employees, and while greatly limiting major issues associated with municipal wireless telecommunication development such as tower proliferation and visual impact upon the community. 

Outsource All Of Your Your Cell Site Functions To Tower Genius:

Wireless Carriers and Municipalities alike have expressed complete satisfaction with our affordable turnkey wireless leasing, development and management services including:

  • Municipal Wireless Bids Managed
  • Municipal Cell Tower Lease Buyout Bid Management / Advisory
  • Municipal Wireless Ordinance Review / Design
  • Cell Phone Tower Site Identification
  • Site Marketing / Carrier Co-Location Management
  • Wireless Lease Negotiations / Revenue Maximization
  • Coordination of all Construction Implementation
  • Carrier Dispute Interface / Community Relations Interface
  • Cell Site Compliance Audits
  • Municipal Cell Site Upgrades / Lease Amendments
  • Cell Tower Site Lease Management

Who Are We?

Tower Genius Municipal Sites was created to assist towns with the challenging task of siting cell towers and rooftop cellular  antenna sites. Our experience and knowledge afford us the ability to successfully assist Carriers in streamlining the leasing, zoning and construction of Municipal Cellular Communication Towers, and the development of cell sites on existing structures such as on the rooftops of public housing authority assets, electric tower power lines, water authority water towers and water tanks, Sovereign Indian Nations located on Federal Properties,  State DOT properties and United States Governmental agency properties and Canadian Provincial Governmental properties.

We can successfully help place cellular sites by forging partnerships with Municipalities utilizing Town Property for Wireless Development.  This highly successful strategy has proven beneficial to both the Municipalities we represent and the Wireless Industry as a whole. 

Contact Tower Genius About Our Municipal Cellular Site Services.

If your agency, town, city or municipality would like to find out more about our municipal cellular tower management, site development or lease consulting services, please contact Tower Genius by submitting our Municipal Cell Towers Contact Form and one of our Municipal Wireless Consultants will contact you with one business day to discuss how we can help improve your town's wireless infrastructure.

 Call Tower Genius at 888.313.9750!

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