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The next few cell site pictures show examples of cellular antennas being mounted on existing structures. Whenever possible, municipalities with established cellular communications ordinances require the use of existing structures for the deployment of cellular antennas if available before approving the construction of a new site.

Using Existing Structures For Mounting Antennas

This Morris County, NJ cell site (near Ort Farms in Washington Twp.) is a good example of using an existing structure to locate cellular antennas. The drawback to the site is that there is only one carrier on the site. Electrical lattice towers are often limited not by the size of the tower but by the weight of the cables that need to be run from the ground up to the antennas.

This is a cell site on an existing electrical tower in a shopping center. Unless your electrical easement with the utility company specifically prohibits cellular antennas from being mounted above your property, they may offer to pay you a one-time fee and then collect the rental if you are not careful in controlling ground rights.

Great example of using an existing structure to place wireless antennas on a farm in rural part of Morris County, New Jersey. Unfortunately due to the ordinances pertaining to this location, the site can't be developed any further. Even though the grain silo cell site could support at least one additional carrier, and the site could easily support a tower with minimal visual impact to the surrounding area, this particular municipality has not allowed further development at this site.

Using a smokestack cell site is a cost-effective alternative to having a new tower built in most cases.

This is a perfect example of the visual impact of a water tower cell site. The structure is approximately 175' tall and the antennas are set back towards the center of the tank, making them completely invisible from any vantage point.

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