Cell Tower Lease Buyouts

By Steve Kazella      

Wireless landlords considering cell tower lease buyouts will see a broad range of up-front cash payments for their tower leases. The value of each wireless lease needs to be appraised and evaluated. Your cell tower lease valuation and buyout offer will depend on a number of factors:

  • Carrier lease values

  • Co-location potential for additional wireless tenants

  • Existing cell tower lease terms

  • Landlord’s future goals with the property

  • Your current financial needs

  • Geographic location – metro area

  • Zoning requirements of the site

  • Buying power of institution making buyout offer

Ask Tower Genius about leveraging your cell tower lease buyout offers.

All Tower Lease Buyout Firms Are Not The Same

In some cases the cell site lease buyouts you are being offered are so disturbingly low,  that they are an attempt to take advantage of the owner/landlord. These cell tower buyout offers are generally accompanied  by with a threatening  series of letters and telemarketing calls concerning the stability of a particular wireless tenant or the cellular industry as a whole due to advances in technology or industry consolidation.

In other cases, professional cellular tower lease portfolio managers will contact you directly. These are wireless capital investment companies who are seeking acquisition of cell phone tower leases to add to their portfolios. Your cellular lease is a commodity which can be purchased or sold like any other commodity, bundled and packaged on Wall Street. Many of these financial services firms will offer you a better deal then those enticing cash offers made by the lower-end of the tower lease buying spectrum that resort to using scare tactics. Currently some of the larger and more aggressive tower portfolio managers are offering outstanding deals for specific types of  cell tower lease buyouts they are targeting.

In many cases these deals where the landlord receives a significant up-front cash payment for their cell tower lease  are beneficial to a Lessor (Owner/Landlord), especially if you really need money for a capital investment in your primary business, or need to solve an immediate cash flow issue.  We frequently have cell tower landlords ask us about the future of cell towers, trying to weigh the options of whether to sell the lease and get a large one-time payment, or enjoy the cellular revenue for the next several decades.  Our advice: sleep on the cell tower buyout offer a few times.

Why Contact Tower Genius About Your Cell Tower Lease Buyout?

Selling the rights to your cellular tower lease is not for everyone. However, if you would like to pursue the cellular tower buyout option and sell your cellular lease rights, please contact Tower Genius so that we can evaluate your deal, estimate any risk and determine if the sale of the lease is in your best interest.

After the evaluation, If you want to sell your lease rights but the buyout offer is too low in value we may consider to buy your lease revenue stream ourselves, or will present your cellular site lease to a few of the reputable tower lease portfolio managers that our firm trusts.  We feel that this is the best way to determine the market value of your cellular antenna lease and to maximize the  buyout offer’s cash value.

While other cell tower consultants may charge landlords a consulting fee to review your  lease purchase offer,  Tower Genius does not charge you for this service. Our buyout offer assessment is free to any wireless landlord who is serious about a cell tower lease buyout program.

I look forward to receiving your buyout offer information, discussing your situation and maximizing your values.

Steve Kazella, Cell Tower Lease Buyer and Investor
Telecom Lease Genius at Tower Genius, LLC.

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Cell Tower Lease Buyouts - Tower Genius Can Help.

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