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These cellular tower pictures are examples of concealed cellular towers, which are disguised or altered to lessen the perceived visual impact of a traditional lattice or monopole cellular communications tower. However, some will argue that these "camouflage" cell sites are actually more of a visual distraction than a traditional tower. For example, while driving along Route 287 in the Garden State most people don't remember the dozens of cell towers that they pass, but they all remember the cell tower  tree pole near the Route 78 Junction. However, disguised cellular towers when selected and placed correctly blend in with their environment naturally.

Disguised Flagpole Cellular Tower

This is an excellent concealed antenna cell site located in Morris County, New Jersey at the rear of a volunteer fire department. There is a church adjacent to the site and it is surrounded by an upscale residential area. The cell tower site is set back from the road about 100 yards which takes away from the size effect this 120' multiple-carrier site has.  The site blends in very well with the surrounding community and a local neighbor was quoted as saying, "Cell tower? What cell tower? I didn't know that the firehouse had a cell tower. I thought they were just really patriotic."

 Camouflage Rooftop Cellular Antennas

This disguised cell site is designed to blend in with the steel rooftop enclosure and does a pretty good job. These antennas will be very difficult to notice unless you were trying to find them. It's all about reducing visual impact.

When a Traditional Site Would Be Better

Here is a perfect example of a carrier giving a zoning board EXACTLY what they ask for, and they get a camouflaged cellular site that would have been a lot better on the eyes if it was just a regular monopole.  Most likely one of the concerned citizens wanted a site to resemble a light pole, similar to what you'd see at a football or recreation field.  And they ended up with this horrible looking site.

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