How To Promote Your
Cell Phone Tower Locations

What make for good cell phone tower locations? Do you want to get a cell site on your property?

What Makes For Good Cell Phone Tower Locations? The distance you live from a cell tower will influence the coverage in your location. Where can I find where are the closest cell towers near me? Will you property be a good cell tower location for Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile? Why would they select your property? Profitability of your cell phone tower location depends on the number of cellular carriers deploying their antennas on the cell site and also on the terms of the cell tower leases that you negotiate. Additional cell phone antenna towers can also be deployed on rooftops if the space is available and a coverage need exists. City zoning ordinances and municipal codes generally encourage carriers to co-locate on the same structure whenever possible to curtail the construction of too many cell tower sites.

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Do You Want To Get A Cell Tower
On Your Property?

Do you good potential cell phone tower locations which could be suitable for a cell tower? Tower Genius can help property owners who are interested in getting a cell tower built on their property or getting a rooftop cell site built on their building. For years we have been telling landowners and building owners what to do in order to promote their property locations to the wireless carriers and cell tower companies who build cell sites. We had been giving this information for free for over a decade, but the problem was that the process was complicated and often frustrating for our website visitors. Now due to popular demand, We have started offering a cell tower location site submittal service for a small prepaid flat fee of $149. Yes, we charge for the service, and you can probably do it for yourself for free if you spend a few hours of research to find where you need to submit your information to. We offer this service  because we get hundreds of requests a month. We will submit your property information to major US wireless carriers and tower management companies. Companies like Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile Sprint, DISH, US Cellular, American Tower, Crown Castle, SBA Communications, and others will pay you anywhere from $500 to $2,000 per month or more if they select you to put a cell tower on your land or place antennas on your building. Please understand that the odds of actually getting a cell tower on your land are very low. It is like winning a lottery ticket. Statistically about 1 in every 1,000 Americans is a cell tower landlord. Another interesting statistic is that about 1 in every 200 land owners in America is a cell tower landlord. Now that is a bit of an odd statistic and it is really skewed because there are many property owners that own dozens, hundreds or thousands of properties. If you own one or two acres only, the odds of having a cell phone tower build on your land are next to zero.  Having said all of that, if you are still interested in getting a cell tower, please read on. Click on the blue image to the left, and provide us with the property information, and your contact information, and after you pay our small fee, we will submit the information to the real estate and network development departments at tower companies and carriers.  If they are interesting in placing a cell tower at your cell phone tower location, they will contact you -- not us. You are not under any obligation to even tell us about about it. However.... We hope that if you are contacted by them you will hire us again to coach you through the cell tower lease negotiation to make sure you are getting a fair deal. You can find out more at which is a website we operate (just flow the blue "start here" button to the left). 

Do you have questions about getting a cell tower on your land?

  • How much does Verizon Wireless pay to place a cell tower on my land?
  • How much will AT&T pay if they build a cell phone tower on my property?
  • How to get a T-Mobile cell tower built on my property?
  • How much rent does U.S. Cellular pay to lease land to build a cell tower on my land?
  • How to get American Tower to built a cell phone tower on my Property?
  • How much does Crown Castle pay for a cell tower lease?
  • Can Vertical Bridge build a cell tower on our property?
  • How to get SBA Communications to build a cell tower on our land?

 Tower Genius Can Submit Your Cell Phone Tower Location to Carriers and Tower Companies for a Small Flat Fee of $149.

Tower Genius can submit your cell phone tower locations to carriers and tower development companies for a small fee. If they select your location, they will contact you directly to negotiate a lease agreement. Submit your property information here:

www.Get A Cell

Find out from Tower Genius how we help landlords and property owners in the USA  maximize cell site lease values and get the best possible terms for:

  • Cell tower lease agreements 
  • Tower lease extensions 
  • Cell site upgrades 
  • Small cell proposals 
  • Lease amendments 
  • Tower lease buyouts offers 
  • Rooftop lease buyout offers 
  • Rooftop cell site audits 
  • Lease Agreement defaults 
  • Cell tower valuations 
  • Rent reduction solicitations 
  • Lease optimization questions
  • Verizon Wireless 
  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • DISH Network
  • US Cellular
  • SBA Communications
  • Crown Castle
  • American Tower
  • Vertical Bridge
  • Harmoni Towers
  • Tillman Infrastructure
  • Black Dot, Md7, Lyle Company

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