Cellular Tower Company of Choice:
Tower Genius

When it comes to cellular site leasing and development, the cellular tower company of choice is Tower Genius.


We supported FEMA and one of the nation's leading wireless carriers in organizing, directing and implementing the emergency recovery and critical disaster response efforts after 9/11.

We were directly responsible for the deployment of 36 portable cell sites (COWs) by September 14, 2001, as well as coordinating temporary power and telco microwave backhaul for all existing cellular sites in the Lower New York Region. This work provided FEMA and the various New York City and Federal Agencies and Emergency Responders a communication system needed during this critical time in American history.


We represent a combined experience of over 40 years of wireless site acquisition, cell site leasing and development experience. We have been developing cellular sites since the inception of wireless industry.

The Owners of Tower Genius have leased and developed rooftop wireless sites, cell towers, water tower cell sites and countless concealed cellular sites in  North Carolina, Georgia, West Virginia, Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Ohio, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, California, Texas, Alabama, Alaska and Florida.

In the last 20+ years our team has been directly responsible for or have collectively overseen both in-house carrier and consultant lease negotiations for over 10,000 wireless site leases representing $11.5 Billion  ($11,500,000,000) in value.


As thought leaders in the wireless development industry, our Principals have been quoted in the major media, namely The New York Times,  The Wall Street Journal, Cranes New York Business, The Journal News, The Star Ledger and other local publications.

We've helped create municipal wireless ordinances that other municipalities have adopted or modeled their ordinances upon. We have represented and represent towns and cities for wireless development and deployed and developed entire wireless infrastructure networks and build programs for various cellular carriers.


Tower Genius has also intervened on behalf of countless cell site landlords preventing them from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous and shameless  "lease optimization" and "lease re-negotiation" wireless consulting firms. We have a 100% success rate in dealing with these companies.

Tower Genius Partners have served as wireless industry expert witnesses in numerous lawsuits involving cell tower site selection, valuation and assessment. We have conducted hundreds of wireless feasibility audits often assessing the work of another cellular tower company or as required by our client.

In one particular case our expert testimony resulted in a victorious outcome for a Fortune 100 client who successfully defended a  multimillion dollar lawsuit from a former wireless services vendor.

Cellular tower consultant, Telecom Lease Genius,  and Founder of Tower Genius  Steve Kazella wants to speak with you if you have any questions regarding the value of your cell tower, have been frustrated by all the calls and solicitations you have been getting from people interested in purchasing your rental revenue stream, or if you need guidance regarding a newly proposed cell site on your rooftop or new tower on your property, or if a tower company has contacted you to extend their ground lease.

For further information or service inquiries please contact an Tower Genius cellular tower company representative.

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