Approached by AT&T to install Cell Tower

by J
(Bakersfield , CA)

AT&T has approached us of renting approx. 600 Sq ft for about $1,200 per month with a Five Year options of five years each. Increased every 5 years by 15%. Is this a fair deal? They told us there are other sites near by they can used if we are not interested.

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Dec 15, 2010
Need more information.
by: Sean (Airwave)

We would need to evaluate the sites physical address and look to see if other sites could be used. In addition the basic terms are just that... basic. It is important to have an industry professional review the lease... if you don't it could cost you a few hundred thousand dollars over the lifetime of the deal in potential revenue.

Please call us on out toll free number. The initial consultation is free and you will not experience and "hard sell".... trust me... you will be glad you called.


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