★ ★ How To Get A Cell Tower On Your Property. ★ ★

By Steve Kazella

How to Get a Cell Tower on Your Property?

So you want to get a cell site on your property? Join the club. Every day Airwave Management receives emails and contact forms and phone calls from property owners and landlords asking us to help them to get a cellular tower on their land or a cell site on the roof of their building.

We are sorry to disappoint, but you only have about a 1 in 1,000 chance of having your site selected by a carrier. However, submitting your property information TO THEM (not us) can improve your chances slightly.

OK, but what do WE do then? We are glad you asked. Airwave Management helps landlords and land owners NEGOTIATE cell site leases. We help you if you have already been selected for a cellular site and need assistance reviewing and negotiating your deal, without the expense and wasted money of hiring a parasite, um, attorney who will make you pay a large retainer, etc. (Disclaimer- we are not attorneys, just street-smart telecommunications leasing experts.)

We also help wireless landlords, a.k.a. property owners who already have a cell tower or rooftop cellular site and are looking to attract ADDITIONAL cellular tenants. This is called collocation, and we can assist with that.

How to Promote and Market Your Potential Cell Site to the Cell Tower Companies and Cellular Carriers:

Your best bet is contacting them directly and regularly by filling out and submitting forms on THEIR websites. We suggest that you do it at least once every 6 months.  Good luck!

★  Submit Site to American Tower.

Get a cell tower on your land with America's #1 cell tower developer. Working with a cell tower company is not the same as having a wireless carrier contact you directly, but you can still maximize your revenues if you structure your deal properly.

★  Register potential wireless site with Crown Castle

★  Contact SBA.

★  Submit your site to T-Mobile.

★  Send your site information to Verizon Wireless.

★ AT&T Network Real Estate Administration.  AT&T Wireless may be contacted by sending and email to "RELeaseAdmin@awsmail.att.com" about possible cell tower sites. If you want to have a change of getting an AT&T cell tower on your property or rooftop, be certain to provide them with the following information:
o    Contact name, number, address or email address
o    Property address, city, state, county
o    Property size acres or square feet 
o    Latitude, longitude if available
o    Map or survey if available<

You can also try calling AT&T's Wireless Leasing Real Estate Department at 877-231-5447.

★ Sprint - Nextel. After 4 years of virtually not building any cell towers, you can once again get a Sprint cell tower on your property as Sprint's build program is now underway again. Send Sprint Nextel the same exact information as is listed above for the real estate administration at AT&T Wireless. You can email Sprint Nextel at the following address "wirelesssitesfsdb@sprint.com".

Remember, you need to be patient if you want a get a cell tower on your property, and unfortunately, chances are that the carriers and tower companies don't need your site. BUT... by submitting your location you are increasing your chances that your location will be passed along to an RF Engineer, Construction Manager or Real Estate Site Acquisition Manager. It's kind of like buying a lottery ticket.

Good luck!
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