How do I get a cell tower on my land?

by Parwinder
(Punjab, India)

I want to find out how get a cellular tower on my land. Please tell me how to accomplish have a cellular phone company build a cell tower on my property.

Thank you - you have a very cool website.

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Feb 02, 2015
network problem in village
by: Anonymous

In my village there is network problem why it not heard by any of the company?

Editor's Note: Very sorry but we can not help you in India or outside of the United States.

Apr 10, 2014
Dear Sir,
by: Anonymous

how do i get cell tower on my Land Jalandhar, Ludhiana.

Editor's Note: Dear readers and visitors from the nation of India and other places outside the USA. We can't help you. You need to contact your local carriers in India. Good luck, I hope you can get the coverage you need.

Dec 11, 2013
Network problem
by: sadananda gowdru

Network problem is there 10 to 15 village. I Have a land in our village Please give me Tower in my land
Address: siddegowdana playa, hirehalli post, tumkur – 572104
Mobile number-7899911433

please help to our villages

Editor's Note: Dear readers and visitors from the nation of India and other places outside the USA. We can't help you. You need to contact your local carriers in India. However I have been reading a lot about the outstanding company AMERICAN TOWER. They may be able to help you. Here is their number in the United States in Boston. Make sure to dial 00 and +1 for the country code for the USA.
00+1-617-375-7500. Call them and give them your address, your latitude, longitude and available parcel numbers. Good luck to you and your village, I hope you can get the coverage you need.

Mar 07, 2013
mobile tower
by: pawan

i want get a tower on my land call me 9828468156

Oct 04, 2011
Application for Cell Tower
by: Rohit Verma

Hi Sir,
please send me guide line for how we can apply for cell tower on over land.

Dear Rohit!
Hopefully this information can be of assistance.

This is only a guide, primarily written for property owners in the USA...


Here are the basic parameters for selecting cell tower locations, however we do not provide cell tower consulting services outside of North America.

Thank you and good luck.

Nov 21, 2010
Verizon Cell Tower in the Carolina's
by: Airwave Management

SC Guy, thanks for posting the question. Here's a link on this site where you can tell Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile as well as SBA, Crown and American Tower about your property:

How To Get A Cell Tower On Your Property.

We also have very good contacts at Verizon in the Carolina's as well as with Sprint, so fill out a contact form on our website with your contact information and property info, perhaps we can help get someone to take a look at the property.

Nov 20, 2010
Verizon Tower
by: SC_Man

I live in South Carolina -- How do I get a tower on my property?

Apr 08, 2010
RE: Getting a Cell Phone Tower on Your Land
by: Parwinder

Hello Parwinder,

We are based in the USA and can't give you specifics about putting a cellular tower on your site in India.

With that being said, find out who the cellular carriers are who are active in your city or province and see if they allow you to submit information to them directly.

Do some research to find out who owns the parcel where a current tower is located. Contact them and SOURCE them to find out who they principal was they dealt with to lease the property or build the tower. Then contact them directly.

This is also what for everyone else who wants a tower built on their property should do. Try to go directly to the carrier first.

AirWave Management

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