Metro PCS Cell Phone Towers Locations

(New Hampshire)

I live in Hampton, New Hampshire. Where are the MetroPCS Towers located?

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Jul 04, 2014
service area
by: william stowe

I moved and work in Oak Harbor Ohio and live on locust street. For some reason I get a bouncing signal and have to go to middle of parking lot next door to use my phone this is unacceptable and if you can not stabilize the signal here I will terminate your service. My co worker has page plus and never ever looses his signal why?

Editor's Note: The tin foil hat on your co-worker's head is wrapped tighter than yours, maybe that's why his signal is better. Terminate our service? You realize we are not the evil cell phone company, right?

Feb 24, 2014
by: Anonymous

Just picked up 2 Samsung Galaxy III's. $800 worth of "can't get 4G" If they would have told me that they only worked off of Metro towers and not on the T Mobile towers, I would not have bought them. I live in Davison Mi and have no 4G but if I go to Burton, I do. That's only 4 miles. Metro is a scam!

Dec 11, 2013
very unhappy about metro services
by: Anonymous

I just bought a metro pcs phone and live in Montrose Michigan and can't even use it is there going to be any towers put up so metro pcs can be used in Montrose again?? Very disapointed!! :(

Editor's Note: Dude you made one giant mistake... You trusted their sales department. T-Mobile purhased Metro PCS earlier this year. The phone will make a nice paperweight at best. Sorry.

Mar 26, 2011
Metro PCS Coverage Map - New Hampshire
by: Airwave

Go to the Metro PCS coverage map and type in Hampton, NH. It will pull up their coverage map. To me it looks like Hampton is shaded "medium purple" which according to Metro has "good coverage".

Seems like Hampton is in between two Metro PCS cell sites, Route 101 and I-95 are well covered to the Northwest, and I-95 to the South, including Hampton Falls and Hampton Landing also show "dark purple" or best coverage.

Route 151 to the Northeast into North Hampton looks like it could use improved coverage because this is a gap between two towers. My guess is that Metro could benefit from a cell site between Coffins Mills and Fogg Corner, that would also improve coverage on the I-95 corridor.

Mar 26, 2011
Metropcs will probably become AT and T too
by: Anonymous

Does anyone in New Hampshire even have Metropcs? I think at and t will gobble them up too, then all of you celltower renters will be left holding the bag. I can't imagine that metropcs has good coverage in New Hampshire outside the main highways and college towns.

How is a company like metro pcs going to compete with verizon and at and t? They do have the best tv commercials though, those indian tech talk guys are hilarious.

Mar 23, 2011
Need more details
by: Airwave

Is this question related to cell tower development or cell tower leasing before we spend any time on this? What is the nature of your question? Please provide more detail.

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