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In need of cell tower consulting? Has a cell tower leasing consultant for a cellular carrier contacted you about a cellular tower land lease or do you have a rooftop antenna installation for wireless communications placed on your building? Thinking about selling your cell tower lease but the buyout offers seem unfavorable? Do you have cell tower related questions?

"My wireless partners, Tower Genius, came to me during a time where my building, a textile plant that has been in my family for 70 years, was hit with a major tax increase and just as three of my six tenants go out of business.  Within five years Tower Genius helped to negotiate new leases with 3 carriers on my rooftop and the cash flow has exceeded my expectations... Tower Genius are the wireless leasing experts." - M Jacobs, NY

Landlords, have you said to yourself,  “I wish that I had done a better job with the cell site lease on my rooftop that was placed there 15 years ago??”  Welcome to Tower Genius  Management. We are the cell tower leasing and rooftop management firm you need to be speaking with. Tower Genius provides Cell Tower Consulting services for property owners interested in maximizing the revenues on their existing wireless leased sites or rooftops. 

We have leased cellular antennas on hotels, hospitals, schools, parks, municipal properties, apartments, farms, strip malls, and just about any type of property you can imagine. If a cellular carrier has already contacted or you are already leasing to at least one carrier, talk to us about how you can maximize the revenues that you are currently receiving. There is a good possibility that the carrier on your rooftop is in default and you may be able to re-negotiate the terms of your deal.

Tower Genius is the hands-on, full service Wireless Management and Cell Tower Consulting Firm that is different than most of our competitors in the industry. Why pay hundreds of dollars an hour for an attorney and keep needing to retain their services every time you have questions regarding your cellular site lease?

More Than Cell Tower Lease Consulting

  • We KNOW real estate site acquisition and wireless communication site leasing and development. Our partners have combined experience of over 40 years of wireless site acquisition, cell tower zoning and wireless network development experience. We review and negotiate cellular tower leases every week.

    We’ve written the municipal wireless ordinances used by town attorneys to develop their cellular infrastructure. We have deployed entire wireless networks for specific carriers in set geographic markets. Real estate attorneys call us for assistance when their clients are contacted by the cell phone companies.
  • We are not cell tower attorneys. Rather, we have the best cell tower and wireless land use attorneys in the USA on speed-dial if we need them. We negotiate cellular antenna leases almost on a daily basis. Our partners have successfully negotiated leases on thousands of cell sites in the USA and know how to protect your rights in any cell tower lease.  

    Our clients don’t get charged an hourly rate for our cell site leasing services. If you choose to hire us and we have the privilege of representing your site for wireless leasing or co-location,  the increased revenue you will enjoy as a result of working with us will more than pay for our services. 

  • We are NOT a company who makes money by reducing what cell carriers contractually agreed pay in rental for the ground space you lease to them through the use of dishonest threats. But we ARE relentless PITBULLS when it comes to protecting the rights of our clients when approached by one of these so-called cell tower consulting firms, who are the equivalent of wireless-wiseguys. We want to be your wireless advocates.

Tower Genius's Cell Tower Services:

  • Cell Tower Lease Negotiations
  • Tower Lease Amendments Reviewed
  • Cell Tower and Rooftop Co-Locations
  • Cell Tower Ground Lease Management
  • Wireless Rooftop Cell Site Management
  • Rooftop Cellular Antenna Lease Review
  • Cell Tower Lease Buyout Consulting
  • Cell Tower & Cell Site Lease Buyers
  • Tower Valuation - Purchase Offer Review
  • Wireless Disaster Emergency Response

Contact a Cell Tower Consulting specialist
to find out how we can help you with your current cell tower lease or about how Tower Genius can help you to maximize the your site's revenue, or help review and negotiate your cell site lease.

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