AT&T cell tower leased through Wireless Asset Management.

by Richard H

My Dad was approached to lease a small section of his farm land for an AT&T cell tower. The lease was signed in 2004, after my Dad had an attorney review it. The tower was built. In July of 2005, my Dad was visited by a person from the cell tower lease company and my Dad was told if he didn't sign a new lease that day, the cell tower would be taken down and moved. AT&T didn't need the tower. My Dad believed the man and he signed the new contract without having his attorney review it. Wireless Asset Management is the name on the lease, along with AT&T. The lease went from $600.00/month, with a 10% rate increase to $500.00/month with a 5% rate increase. The family did know about this deal until last year. My Dad, being elderly didn't know what he signed and he forgot he had even signed a second lease. He never told anyone. Is there anything that can be done about this? We have an appoinment with an attorney next week. In my opinion, the guy just plain lied about removing the tower and they took advantage of my elderly father.

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Feb 09, 2014
Cell tower issues.
by: Richard H.

My dad received a letter from Crown Castle. They have purchased many of the AT&T cell towers and my dad's in one of them. The letter states that Crown Castle will be getting back to him about a new lease agreement. I'm assuming the agreement will not be fair or in his favor. I told my dad that this would be the perfect time to involve someone like Tower Genius so a new tower could renegotiated that would benefit him. Do you agree? What do you know about the Crown Castle purchase? Thanks.

Jan 03, 2013
The lease is still as is.
by: Richard H.

Nothing new with my Dad's cell tower lease. After we spoke with the local attorney and were told it's a lost cause, my Dad decided just to forget it. At his age, he just doesn't have much fight. He didn't want to talk to anyone else about it either, like you suggested. Some day my sister, brother and myself will inherit the farm. Maybe as new owners, we can get things changed. Thanks.

May 17, 2012
The AT&T cell tower rip-off.
by: Richard H.

Dear Tower Genius,
We went to a local real estate attorney for consultation several months ago. The attorney said he was familiar with cell tower leases. He looked over our lease and the amendment signed a year later. He said my Dad got took and there wasn't anything he thought could be done since the five year statute of limitations was past. If my Dad had taken legal action sooner, he said there would have been a good chance the amendment would have been declared illegal. He said even though my Dad was lied to in order to get him to sign the amendment, which lowered the monthly rent, it would be hard to prove without other witnesses or a threatening letter. My Dad is 91 and he doesn't remember everything like he did years ago, so it would be difficult for him if this went to court. The main lesson learned here is if you lease to a tower company, don't get talked into anything without consulting with an expert, like Tower Genius. And if you do screw up, make sure you do something about as soon as posible. If your elderly, get your kids or attorney involved with your lease contracts. Don't hide them in a desk drawer. They are not top secret. Thanks.

Editor's Note:
Richard sorry again about that situation. Hopefully the wireless infrastructure police won't make me take down your heartfelt comments.

Jan 30, 2012
Possible entry to the Wireless Wall of Shame?
by: Tower Genius

Richard, think about it... AT&T spends roughly $150,000 to build a cell tower and they have equipment worth just as much in 2004, so let's say that they spent a total of $300,000 on the new site (and that's being very conservative).

Now just a year later they would move it? And pay more money to decommission the cell tower over a few hundred dollars? And pay more money to find, lease, permit and build a new tower or site?!

You really can't make this JUNK up. But sadly, people sign bad leases, tower lease extensions, etc just about every day.

Do you have any supporting documentation?

Personally, I don't know if it is something I would refer to an attorney for a lawsuit. It almost sounds like something that should have been referred to your local Sheriff or District Attorney, or at least to your local TV investigative reporter.

To all the bottom feeders of the cell tower industry... Go back to flipping hamburgers. But wait, we wouldn't trust most of you to operate a cash register at one of these establishments.

Jan 30, 2012
So sad to hear this if it is true.
by: Tower Genius

One of the reasons that we started Tower Genius was because sadly we frequently hear of property owners and landlords being pressured into making quick decisions and agreeing to very bad cell tower deals. Often times these people were elderly, or farmers from rural areas and church organizations.

We have no way of verifying if this post is true or not, but if it is correct, sadly it won't be the first time or the last time.

There is never a good outcome on a deal like this with litigation. The best way to deal with a company that allegedly does business in this manner is to shame them in the public eye. Please call us tomorrow and let us take a look at the lease amendment your dad signed.

Tower Genius

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