Building a cell tower

by ATirey
(Hollandale, MS USA)

Are there Federal grants available the proceeds of which would be used to build a cell tower in a rural area where there is limited to no cell coverage?

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Sep 04, 2014
Universal Service Fee (tax)
by: Tower Genius

Most people have heard of the "Obama Phone" and have various opinions about it. The "free government cell phone" aka "obama-phone" is not really free of course, everyone who pays a phone bill has to pay a "Universal Service" line item on their bill. This is a federal tax that subsidizes the "free cell phones" that some people get. Additionally this fee or tax is supposed to be used to build RURAL cell towers. Being the #1 cell tower lease consulting firm in the USA you'd think we would have come across a lot of these 'Rural Initiative' cell tower leases, but we haven't. Specifically, we have only come across 2 of these types of leases since 2008. One property owner from Kansas or Oklahoma called us and had a question about a tower being proposed on her property that was being built with federal funds from the Universal Service Fee. The second call was from the outskirts of the city of Wilmington Delaware, from a property owner who told me that he had been contacted by a tower company to build a tower on his property, and had some questions about the lease. It just so happened that a family friend named Joe who works in Washington DC had once mentioned to him that his property would make a good location for a cell tower. Not sure if it ever was built, but go figure.

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