cell antena on my 4 story building

by Ron Perkins

I am new to the rental market and would like to know a lease range that I could expect? I am in CA area and have a five story building. They want to put antennas on top of the roof?

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Jan 12, 2011
Rooftop Cell Site lease rates in California
by: Tower Genius

Ron, thanks for the question. We would need information. California is a big state and rates will vary even within a large metro area.

Tell the carriers you are interested but make sure not to sign any letters of intent, regardless of how attractive their leasing agent is :-) and have them make you an offer or schedule a site visit so you can see what they are proposing.

Rental rates are important but you also want to make sure the terms are fair. Even in the first week of 2011 we have seen several instances of carriers and bottom feeding tower developers offering HORRIBLE terms to landlords.

Getting the deal crafted properly can make a huge difference in maximizing the value of the cell tower lease and future expansion.

Please call us to discuss how we can help you. Our fees are ridiculously affordable.

Tower Genius

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