Cell tower construction questions

by Leo
(Edmonton Alberta Canada)

What is your favorite self supported 200 foot tower,

What can be done to protect a tower from icing up and collapsing as occurs during ice storms?

What is the most advantageous equipment to use for transmitting broadband 5 miles apart tower to tower, in terms of maximum bandwidth, and cost of equipment, transmitting on "free" channels?

How far away is "white spaces" from being implemented in Canada??

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Jan 24, 2011
I hope this helps...
by: Amy (Tower Genius)

1) Any of the major tower manufacturers are good. I do not have a favorite.

2) Tower failure is rare due to just ice conditions. When towers fail it is usually a "freak" storm that has heavy ice, heavy winds, and involve very tall structures. In cold regions ice is taken into consideration for the foundation and load strength just like wind and soils. You can build a "breakpoint" into the tower so a break can have the tower collapse into itself so fall radius is minimized. You can also protect the equipment and shelters below with ice shields etc.

3) This question is a bit too generic. You really need to have a specific engineering study done for the area you are looking to cover by an RF engineer. Terrain, trees, coverage goals etc... are all area dependent. What you are proposing is creating a WiMax service over open channels for data I believe? Not. Voice? In suburban areas of the US this has been done over open channels to provide services similar to T-1 backhaul and has grown to even include residential data services...which that your intention?

4) I do not know when they will free up the spectrum. The Canadian government has been pushed hard to do something to free up the white space but they seem to be lagging behind. I believe it to be an important step to the next innovations in both telecom and consumer products.... We will see.

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