cell tower lease agreements

by Theresa
(Quincy MA)

As an owner of a condo in Quincy MA, I, we have an AT&T cell tower on the roof of the building. Another company have easements rights for the cell towers and receives a monthly fee. However, the condo association receives no compensation, including maintenance fees,from either the cell tower operator/ owner or the original property development company when the apartments were converted to condominiums.

Can easement rights be renegotiated to allow the association to receive some of the benefit(such as a maintenance fee or easement fee) for having the cell tower on its roof ) or an easement be revoked, renegotiated or cancelled because there is no compensation coming to the condo association?

Also, the Association would like to put up solar panels to help reduce the cost of electric use, especially to our common areas---but wonder whether or not the Association would be precluded in doing so because of the cell towers?

Finally, can the Association invite negotiations with another cell tower operator, and if so, would it cancel out the existing original property ownership. I fear that the Association was taken advantage of and has lost its profit center and hundreds of thousands of dollars over the decade and into the future. We would want some benefit from having the cell towers on our roof == and hope we are not precluded from putting up solar panels as a consequence from having the cell towers.

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