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What is the minimum amount of sq footage needed and must it be owned by the same person? Also, should there be no trees near the tower? How near/far from a public road? Lastly, a school down the road was approached by AT&T but was turned down. Does this improve my chances of being chosen for a cell site?

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Oct 10, 2014
Los of questions....
by: Sean (Tower Genius)

Lets address each question separately:

1) The square footage depends on the carrier (different equipment size) or if it is being built by a tower company. Tower companies like a 100'x100' site size. Verizon and AT&T usually like the same size but can live with a 30'x40' location. Sprint and T-mobile can live with a 20'x30' area. This is a simple answer to a complex question.

2) No... a property can be owned by multiple people. But the lease will need to be in the name of the entity or person that owned the property.

3) No... the carrier will remove trees if needed.

4) Proximity from a roadway is usually important because carriers need to bring in power and telco services so the shorter the run the less expensive it is for them. Usually minimum distance from property lines are established by the local zoning code.

5) If you are close to the school your property might be in the search area that AT&T's RF department prefers for a site. You should call the school and see who contacted them from AT&T. You should call that person and make them aware you are an interested landlord. Good Luck!!!

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