How can I get this cell tower removed? Need Help!

by Heather
(Sanford, FL)

This tower is too close to my home. Yet, county claims it is grandfathered in? How can it be safe? It is 50 feet from my property line? Where do I start? Local, state and fed government isn't helping.

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Oct 19, 2017
Re: cell tower removals
by: Anonymous

I totally understand your dilemma. We have a cell tower that's several feet away from our house. I am electromagnetic frequency(EMF) sensitive; thus, I can hear/feel the electrical energy coming from the tower. Matter of fact, it's like some sort of power surge that just constantly goes and goes. The humming and various noises from cell towers are out of control! Regardless of all the facts about, "...being in compliance with the city/county/state code requirements, how/why are we, as human beings, expected to just live with it like it's the thing to do?! It's not natural and believe me, regardless of "codes", they can remove/relocate cell towers. They just don't want to have anything to do with making the community happy and keeping them healthy and not removing/relocating is, yet again, a control issue. It has become an extremely sad, sad world. Humanity does not exist anymore. :o/

Mar 17, 2012
Sorry we can't.
by: Tower Genius

Heather, this is not something we can help you with.

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