How do I market a Zoned Cell Tower Site?

Site selected, zoned and leased by Verizion several years ago for Cell Tower erection. Upon Verizion's acquisition of Altel, they chose to drop the lease. The site was never built on, but zoning is still in place and ready to go. We wish to lease the site again. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Site located in the center of Fort Smith, AR, on a flat, treeless, easily accessable location. Thanks.

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Feb 18, 2012
Marketing an approved Cell SIte
by: Tower Genius

Good question. First of all you need to determine why your site was not built out and how and if the carrier provided coverage to the area. Did they go with an alternate cell site? Perhaps did they build a "stealth" concealed site on a rooftop that you drive by every day and can't see? Did a tower company build a tower nearby that meets some of the carrier coverage needs? How are the other carriers providing coverage to the area?

We can provide you with a comprehensive site analysis for a small fee if you are unable to do this on your own.

If you have determined that no cell site or cell tower was built you can try to put the information in front of the carriers directly. I would go to them before I went to the tower companies. On the upper left hand side of this website we have a navigation button that says "Get a Cell Site" where we link to the real estate pages and provide contact information for a few of the carrier property forms and real estate divisions. You can submit your property data there but there is no guarantee that they will respond or even review.

What many property owners with outstanding potential sites (such as yours appears to be) end up doing is signing a management or marketing agreement with one of a half dozen or so cell tower management firms who will market your property for you, and if they are successful share in the revenue with you on a 50/50 or 60/40 basis. For some landlords this type of arrangement makes sense but we feel that way too much money is left on the table for owners.

Please give us a call on Monday at 888-313-9750 so we can discuss specifics an see if we can help determine why your site has not been utilized as a cell tower location. We have a few other ideas for you.

Tower Genius

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