Lease Negotiations.

by Lori Guffey
(Topeka, Kansas)

We have been approached, originally by AT&T, about building a cell tower on our property. Supposedly AT&T with drew their intentions due to they had no funds for this project (for ours and several others in Kansas). 5-6 months later we got a call from municipalcom, telling us they got the go ahead to get the cell towers going again (making us believe, or at least we thought, they were part of AT&T) It appears they build towers then they are the tenant and are able to lease the tower to others. Do you know anything about them, what a fair price would be and/or any suggestions on a contract? Any information would be helpful.

Thanks in advance for your time in this matter.

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Sep 24, 2014
Cell Towers.
by: Richard

My dad has an AT&T cell tower on his farm. It was put up in the early 2000's. My dad was doomed from the start. He didn't get good, knowledgeable representation when he negotiated the lease, In fact, he basically just signed what was put in front of him. Big mistake! Then AT&T sent out a contract representative, about a year after the tower was built, and they strong armed my dad into signing an amendment that lowered the lease payment, plus the amendment opened the door for installation of many more antennas. My advice is, if you are not an expert in tower contracts, get one before you even attempt to deal with any of these slime balls. Everything the slime balls do is only in their interest. Also, be prepared for every trash bag company, as they approach you for a lease buy out, once the tower is built. Just get with a very good lease expert that works for you.

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