Rent Ranges for Rooftop Pager Pad Sites within the major Medical Center, Houston, TX

by Bruce R.
(Houston, Texas)

What is a competitive monthly rental range for an existing rooftop pager equipment pad site located on top of a 20+ story office medical building within the boundaries of a major Medical Center in Houston, Texas? The equipment and operating frequencies at this site consists of the following:

(1) Glenayre Transmitter Cabinet (2x2x6)
(1) 1.2m Satellite Dish
(1) Andrew 900MHz Fiberglass Radome Antenna
approx. 10' long
(1)GPS dome approx. 6"

Frequencies Currently In Use: 940.8625MHz /
940.2625 / 929.6625 / 929.5125 / 929.7125

Editor's note: Bruce I made some minor edits to protect anonymity.

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Aug 13, 2010
Did you get a fair offer or were you low-balled?
by: Tower Genius

Bruce I concur with the other reader's humble opinion. If you have any questions regarding their lease agreement with the Medical Center please contact us by filling out a Contact Form on the website or calling 888-313-9750.

Editor's Note: Although Tower Genius is a leading cell site lease consulting firm, we are not up to date with all the new I.M. lingo, and had to Google "IMHO" to see what it means.


Aug 12, 2010
aging systems....
by: Rooftop Lessor

I have seen rental rates from $250 a month for a rural site to $800 for a site in downtown NYC. If you are getting anywhere around $500 a month for that type of equipment that would be a very good price IMHO. I hope this helps.

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