Selling the Real Estate and keeping the Cell Tower

I have a buyer for my property. He is willing to exclude the cell tower lease from the sales agreement so I can keep the revenue stream. And grant me an exclusive easement so if I want to sell it later to a tower co I can. I thought this made sense for me. Because I need the revenue stream. This is an asset he is not paying for in the real estate transaction.

However American Tower who owns the cell tower has informed me that once title pases to the new property owner. The rights to the tower passes to him. Meaning, I can continue to collect rent. But a few years or so later, if, I want to do a cash buyout, It has to be done thru the new property owner and he has to sign all documents. At this point you have another party involved and this party also will want half of the proceeds or he won't sign.

Is this true or just American Tower?????

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Jan 14, 2014
I need to see your lease...
by: Sean (Tower Genius)

I need to see your lease but in most cases they are misleading you. Give us a call so we can ask some questions and take a quick look at your lease so we can help you. The initial call is free.... take advantage of it as it will save you a ton of money.

Tower Genius

Dec 10, 2013
expired cell site lease for renewal
by: Anonymous

My cell lease had expired for May 2013 and the tower company still pays until September because i was asking for additional rent from the original renewal lease amount we agreed upon and they even send a contract for me to sign. But when i visit the site October i notice lots upgrading on the cell tower additional microwave disk and they place a fuel tank , generator and camera for monitoring and change everything a base station according to the caretaker whom i interviewed (the initial lease i sign was a lease modified by a lawyer who is not cell tower consultant expert attorney), in short the lease came from the carrier and just modified by attorney which we seek service. In the renewal of lease draft they stipulated collocation and additional antennaes could i send thru mail another lease proposal amount and not modified draft contract which they send me when i call them they say that i ask too much but they are still on the premises can i still negotiate for the collocation that was stipulated there ....

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