Tower Disputes - Cell Tower Removal question


Have you ever heard of towers being taken down because of disputes?

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Oct 27, 2013
We Dont want Cell Towers In Our Suburb
by: Jeff Carter

We are having a cell tower shoved down our throat, the suburb of over 200 families rejected it. The town planner passed it, 4 against 200+??? Telstra is the supplier. This area is residential, they changed the chosen spot to Telecommuncations. Money is the object here not the people. I say i could easily do without a mobile phone.

Regards Jeff Carter

Apr 15, 2012
Remove the Cell Phone Towers in Walnut CA Parks
by: Anonymous

The City of Walnut, California has violated its own City Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Ordinance No. 600, which says no cell phone towers in City Parks. I demanded they remove the gigantic cell phone tower radiation tree on the corner of Lemon and Amar. What can I do if my own City has violated its own WTF Ordinance to make them remove the cell phone tower because I think they will just ignore my request?

Moderator's Note:
Call the Irish Wireless Telecom Facilities Hotline.

Nov 02, 2009
Cell tower termination - Tower disputes - cell tower removal ?
by: Steve

Very rarely, cell towers are taken down. But this would be the exception -- not the norm. What kind of dispute are you talking about? There are a few so-called cell tower lease consulting companies that are contractors working for carriers like ATT, Sprint or T-Mobile etc who contact landlords and try to re-negotiate the terms of cell tower leases and essentially threaten them to agree to new rental terms or risk losing their cell tower. Is this what you are hinting at?

Cell towers constructed in the early 1990's by companies like Nynex mobile, etc are all still standing. Tower companies like Crown and American Tower are all trying to extend their existing cell tower leases for 15, 20 25 years at a clip.

Can you be more specific about the kind of dispute you are having?

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